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The Official Car Sticker

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Attacked In Broad Daylight

Today marks the first time I am physically attacked in broad daylight by snatch thieves. I was having lunch at Old Town Kopitiam, the Cheras outlet opposite Taman Midah. I frequent that place almost like once a week and never expected an incident to happen there. Here is the story...
After lunch, I walked back towards my car, parked about 200m away from the Old Town Kopitiam. Everything seemed normal, the heat, the people, the traffic and the cars, etc. But as I was approaching my car (about 20 feet away), I saw a motobike approaching from the other direction opposite me but didn't suspect anything. When I reached my car, I also saw the bike making a u-turn just behind me but still, I suspected nothing. As I turn back to open my car door and getting ready to enter my car, a hand came from my behind and gave me a 3-fingered scratch on my neck. I was slightly pushed forward and saw the same bike (with a pillion rider) speeding away from me.
Nothing was taken away from me and at that point in time, I still did not realise that a snatch attempt was attempted. I went back into my car, closed the door, started the engine and saw the same bike driving off with both the riders showing me their third fingers!
After a minute or so, I manage to restore my senses after the fast shock, and finally now, come to realise that I have just been attacked by a snatch thief. They were trying to snatch my necklace (I wear a gold necklace with a cross). They failed to get a grip on the necklace and instead scratched my neck.
What surprises me was how they managed to see my very thin necklace from afar which was partially covered by my t-shirt, especially when they were riding on a bike! I must give them fullmarks for accurately spotting my necklace but a "fail" for failing to succeed in their attempt.
Without doubt, I know God protected me. He always does, whether you know it or not.


erv said...

hey boss

gosh!! glad to hear that you're fine. have to be very vigilant next time. that was a very scary incident. Yes, i believe God protected're so lucky in the sense that they didn't actually confronted u with a knife. Hope you're feeling okay now.

i hardly use handbag or even wear gold necklace when i'm in kl now.actually, everywhere is unsafe. :S

anyway,i also experienced the same thing last july. just like you, i also saw two guys on a motorcycle but it never occur to me that they are snatch thieves. i was lucky enough that i have this habit of central locking my car once i get into it. Once i've locked my car, a guy wearing a helmet tried to open my car door, of course, they failed and just went away with it and drove away SLOWLY~~

Babyboss Pictures said...

Thanks, Erv. I m fine now. Was in a lil shock when it happened this afternoon. Wow, your incident sounds more scarry lar!

Sigh, I guess we all have to be more careful everytime and everywhere, especially ladies with handbags!

NickTay said...

Yo bro, Praise God he kept you safe. So much crime these days. Sigh.

Yun Yi said...

goodness gracious~
glad u're okay michael!
malaysia is no longer a safe place to live in these days...
take care~

Babyboss Pictures said...

Yun Yi : Yalor, I am also beginning to see the fact that Malaysia is not a safe place anymore. Dirty politics, lousy government, poor education systems, etc, etc.

I feel like migrating! Later half this year, I may start looking at migration options. Maybe New Zealand? hehe...

erv said...


seriously think of migrating? lols. despite all that, my mum says that Malaysia is still the best country to live in. lols. i don't know.... lots of foreigner are coming to Malaysia due to climate changes in their countries. New Zealand..not a bad choice.

audrey said...

glad to hear that ur ok..i think they aimed u for a while..

do take care lo..

y new zealand boss???

Yun Yi said...

Ha...migrating ar...then Malaysia will be short of one good photographer d :(

angie ong said...

lai lai lai!

wait for u boss!we shoot concerts here!

Babyboss Pictures said...

erv : Yeah, generally Malaysia is quite a nice place to live in. But I also like a cooler country and also the culture and lifestyles of the "guai lous". New Zealand is a very relaxed country. By 6pm, everything shuts down and the whole town is so peaceful. I sometimes get so irritated by the locals here, their nature and cultures. Argh... By the way, the two idiots who tried to rob me were Malays!

Audrey : They aimed for me? But I just walked out of Old Town! I think they were "lucky" they saw me and my tiny necklace. But they failed to "get it". Muahaha... Why NZ? Cause its relaxed and peaceful.

Yun Yi : Malaysia got lots of professional photographers far better than me lar. You quickly become pro photog lar, then u can take over my place lor! haha...

Angie : u r in NZ liao!!! By the way, NZ got no major live concerts ler. Only got those small small local performances ler.

Yun Yi said... ar? still lack of skills to be pro photographer ler~

u become my sifu la k? then my progress to be pro photographer would be faster ^.^

Babyboss Pictures said...

Yun Yi : Yau tak lam, yau tak lam.

erv said...

boss : NZ is almost the same as Aus also i think. they have more relaxing lifestyles lor. In Aus, shopping malls shut down at 4 pm or 6pm also, i don't remember. but yeah, i do agree that NZ would be a better place to 'retire' as the weather is not as cold or as hot when compared to the weather in Australia. kekez.

and URGH. the thing that i couldn't stand was the two idiots had the guts to point u their middle fingers after they failed. =.= that's ridiculous.

Babyboss Pictures said...

Erv : Yeah, I think NZ is more relaxed than Australia. But Australia got Hillsong and Planet Shakers wor! haha...

Well, some people hide their weaknesses through forced and false ego and confidence. They had to make it look like they were still "heros" despite failing to get the loot. In Cantonese, its called "ding ngang siong"!!!

Ameries said...

I live at taman midah, everywhere not safe jor,

recently, snatch thieves comes in group to attack or 2 men on motorcycle. they usually will uturn back without u knowning it. new tactic tht they are using is smashin car window to rob.

tmn midah blacklisted, many my neighbour kena and latest i hear tmn billion also happen the same cases,,, take care