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The Official Car Sticker

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has never been a day that I'd make special plans or anything like that. To me, its a day where florist come out to sell rosses at "cut-throat" prices and still, there are buyers year in year out. Nice restaurants would be jam-packed with couples...all trying to be "romantic" with their partners. If I want to be romantic with my partner, I wouldn't just do it ONCE a year on Feb 14. I can be as romantic as I want with my baby all year round. Almost everyday can be a Valentine's Day!

And if I really want to plan something special, I'd either do it a day before or a day after the actual Valentine's Day. Why? Cause on actual Valentine's Day itself, everything is super expensive and super pack with couples. And I hate the mad rush and the frantic crowd. I mean, if I want to do Valentine's Day, I would want romance in the air...meaning...peace, silence, no big movements, no one shouting around, cool air, soft music, etc. And I won't get that ambience on Feb 14!!!

Anyway, for you guys out there...Happy Valentine's Day!

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