The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Thursday, August 9, 2007

I Am Back!!!

i am proud of myself now. my swim today touched 1.5km! that's 30 laps of 50m straights! awesome! i could have went on cause i was still had energy and breath but something strange happened.

here is the story...

when i reached my pool, there was this girl already making laps, probably in her first 200-250m (cause her strokes were still strong and firm). I jumped into the pool and started my own laps. in that 30-40 minutes, something told me to say hi to her when i finished. so, i did after 1.5km. i could have went on to 2km or maybe more but something told me to STOP.

i stopped, catched my breath. and slowly swam over to her (she already stopped her laps) and i said hi and introduced myself. we talked and talked.

to cut the long story short...I LED HER TO CHRIST!!! she was a catholic and i witnessed to her with both of us dipping in 4feet of water! praise the Lord!!!

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