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The Official Car Sticker

Friday, August 24, 2007

Babyboss At Raoul Fashion Show

whoa! an evening of glittering stars and gorgeous babes!

i was shooting the Raoul Cocktail Fashion Show some 8 hours ago at the Mandarin Oriental and it was filled with gorgeous elements everywhere. atilia (i think thats how its spelled) and her jazz band was awesome. cocktail by MO...needless to say lor. the models, babes and designers and those along that line...glittering!

anyway, here are some pics.

great cocktail stuffs

great catwalk runway fashion show..."Paris Hilton"?

great babes...a "threesome" here

a great new friend...Kim Ong with Babyboss

a good old friend...Amber Chia with Babyboss
(never knew what to do when i'm on the other side of the camera)


Tiffany said...

Wow. Amber is a killer. But she is taller than you leh!

Debbie said...

I envy you Babyboss. On duty as photographer also can go take pictures with so many beautiful ladies. You are a photographer with style.

Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy, do you have more pictures from Raoul Fashion Show in KL!? I did this show but I don't get any pics! Please I had the second entrance, maybe you have, can you could send to me? This is my email adreess -
Thanks a lot for your atecion!