The Official Car Sticker

The Official Car Sticker

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happening Events

Its been like over a week since my last blog post. Its not like I am overly loaded with work or anything like that but somehow...I have been pretty occupied. Had an event or two to plan, some meetings to attend to, a shoot here and there. And of course, my church commitments.

Just completed an event last Saturday at PGRM, Cheras. Managed to steal some time before the event to attend church at 3:30pm. We had a guest speaker, so I had to be there. Dashed back to PGRM by 7pm to execute the event.

When I left at 3pm, this was how the hall looked.

And then, it became like this at 8pm.

Nice huge crowd of 1,750 people (175 tables). Everything went perfect. Most importantly, the client was happy. The company's CEO came up to me at the sound console to personally thank me. I guess that means he is happily satisfied, rite?

Will be doing another smaller event this Friday evening. An insurance company's agency challenge dinner-cum-awards presentation. They themed it "Crazy Nite". And I can see why since its gonna be held at Coco Banana...a local hotspot dance club at Sunway Pyramid.

The organising chairlady was very professional and understood event management practise. She did not discount me, not even a single sen! And made my life very easy. And as of yesterday (Monday), she has already released to me 100% full payment!!! I appreciate this type of clients and I am encouraged to give her my best services, maybe even throw in an extra here and there. Complimentary free (means I have to pay lar) VIP parking bay for her right infront of the club entrance. Maybe complimentary free pics from Babyboss Pictures!

Will upload some pics from the event this weekend. I will try to have a pic with this organising lady and show you who she is.

And one final exciting job...a shoot in Langkawi. No just an ordinary 1-2 days event shoot but to be based in Langkawi and to cover EVERYTHING in and about Langkawi! From aerial to underwater to ground photography. From tourist spots to local culture and lifestyle photography. Likely to spend like a month or so there. Never done such an assignment before and this one should be very exciting. Hope the job is confirmed. [keeping fingers crossed]

If the job is on, I will definitely actively blog and keep posted of my "daily life" there. Should be having lots of very nice and exciting pictures to show! If anyone of you happens to be in Langkawi around October, call me...I have lots of time to hang out! Let's hope the job is on...

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