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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Japan Super GT 2009

It is sad to acknowledge that I won't be shooting this year's Japan Super GT 2009 in Sepang. I have been shooting JGT for the last 3 years and to watch others having the fun this year would be a real drag. I feel disappointed when I see my friends' Facebook pages flooding with images from Sepang, the setups, the practise runs, the crew, the photographers in actions, etc.

I was almost devastated when I was informed a few months ago that our Japan GT client, Hankook, is not hosting any events this year during the race in Malaysia. Normally, Hankook will bring in their Hankook (tyres) distributors from Asia to Malaysia in conjunction with the JGT here in Sepang. For the delegates, there will be tours, seminars, dinners and of course, the race day itself. I enjoyed the "Safari Tour" where the bus makes two rounds at the Sepang race track with the super cars rushing in and taking over from the back. Its really adrenalin-rush! But Hankook cut its budget this year, I heard and thus, no hosting of events. But I think the Porsche Hankook team is still in the race this season.

Nevertheless, I will still be shooting. But shooting a dull and boring local TV3 live concert at Dataran Merdeka! Boring local artistes compared to hot Japanese babes. A boring stage setup compared to shinny super cars! Boring local music compared to the loud roars of the super engines! Sigh.

Action started on Thursday with all the teams coming in, setting up and getting ready at their pits. Yesterday was the practises. Today is qualifying. And today is the day ALL the hot Japanese babes aka umbrella girls come out in droves, parading in their skimpy team outfits, attracting immense attention from hordes of photographers rushing for a good shot like they've never seen a gorgeous babe before. And I must say that this is, like it or not, where most of the fun is. The cars are secondary! haha..

Photo forums are beginning to be flooded with pictures of the girls and cars. Tomorrow, we will see the actual race and the pinnacle of all action...both the cars and the babes! The focus will be more on the cars tomorrow since its the actual race day.

Here are some of my friends in action at the Japan Super GT 2009 in Sepang.
[The pictures have been taken down because the photographer(s) who supposedly took the pics say that I am not allowed to use his/their images unless I have his/their permission. I didn't see the matter as so serious since these are just general pictures of people at Sepang and some are even my friends. These images are not some "high profile copyrighted" images of some superstar or anything like that. But since the "apparent owner(s)" of the images are making noise, I will take them down to make everyone happy. I apologise for making the rightful photographer(s) uneasy over the matter. Happy shooting, boys!]

OK, gotto run off to my boring concert shoot now. Have a great weekend. :)


Thief said...

(Photographers who wish to claim credit to the images above or wish to have their images taken down, please write to me and I will act accordingly. I forgot where I got the pics because I was surfing too any websites and FB accounts at that time. For those unwatermarked pics, I won't be able to verify if you are the original owner of the images.)

Michael, this is so wrong, how about you start with removing photos that you DON'T own first.

Babyboss Pictures said...

Dear Thief,

All the images have been removed because its OK for me not to use those pics. Its just a simple blogpost of pictures of general people at Sepang, and some are even my friends.

But if u feel so jammed up about it, I have taken them down just so that u dun get a cardiac arrest like the other Michael. RIP MJ.

Maybe u feel your images are super precious and super high profile, and should not be used casually. And that a "permission of use" is a must, even though they are just images of general people.

Well, I respect that. And I have granted your wish. And I apologise for using them without your permission.

But you have demonstrated to me how narrow-minded and calculative you can be.

You don't even dare to reveal your name or email (or blog, if u have one) in your comments to me. I guess that why you called yourself "THIEF".

Well, happy shooting. All the best. :)

bugger said...

Hi Babyboss.
Wow! I did not know you and Thief has such an advance discussion already.
I kind of lost the link to ur blog., now I found it.

Thanks for removing the pics. I wouldn't have mind u using the pics in ur blog but a courtesy 'permission' would have been nice and much appreciated.

It was a fellow photographer who brought to my attention regarding my pictures on your blog. Yes it may not be 'high profile copyrighted" as you so put it but nevertheless effort was put into it. You are a photographer you should understand this.

Imagine this: if you covered a concert event and posted pics up on ur online gallery, and someone downloads ur pics and upload to his/her blog without your knowledge and permission. Tell me honestly how would you really feel? That not called ‘borrowing’ dude, it’s more like stealing (hence the name ‘Thief’, a reference I think was made to you).

If you want to apologise, I would suggest you do so sincerely and not add hints of sarcasm and making references to the late King of Pop otherwise you don’t really mean it.

“Babyboss: Anyway, THIEF, I m sure u had your fun. Thanks for dropping by. Take care, bro!”

With reference to your above comment, Do you think it is really FUN or FUNNY? Do you think we like going around blogs asking people to take down ‘our shots’ only to be ridiculed with sarcasm? As a photographer it has become part of the profession which, I personally prefer to spend my time and resources doing something more productive, but nevertheless it has became a necessity.

Plus Angie +Fen expressed their support for you in your Shout Box and you even thanked them for it. Thanked them for what? For taking other photographer’s effort without their knowledge or permission? Come on bro.... its a real shame u are encouraging this. People will think it is ok, casual and also not important that one can simply just download and picture from the internet and upload to wherever they want.
Its just a real shame dude.........

Babyboss Pictures said...

Dear Bugger,

Thanks for your comments and observations. Once again, I apologise if my remarks have in anyway brought unhappiness to any parties.

Unlike the thief, at least you speak with a kind tone and with intensions of helping and setting things right. For that, I appreciate and I thank you.

I meant no harm neither am I here trying to cause any trouble to anyone. I understand your point.

Once again, thank you. Yamcha on me, someday. :)